The not very good Olympics finally comes to a close

‘Get woke go broke’ the saying - I think coined by Instapundit - goes. There are variations of it. The Twitter GOAT Iowahawk has one about how the left infests a host, poisons it, kills it and then wears its carcass like a skin suit. In the last two years it has done this with he NFL and it’s only going to get worse.

Wokeness was one of many problems with the 2018 Winter Olympics - it wasn’t even the primary one. I finally gave up on it, largely due to NBC’s atrocious production of it. The only live event I was ever able to watch was Figure Skating, and even I, a person who watches Curling Night in America on NBC Sports Network, had finally had enough of Curling.

Whoever was in charge of NBC’s production should never be allowed to handle a sporting event any bigger than a women’s basketball game for the rest of their career. I watched several hours every day the first week, and here were some anecdotal observations:

  1. Even though I pay for a cable subscription and was fully prepared to watched the entire Games on my MacBook Pro and my 27” iMac with the retina screen, I could never get it to work. The only way to see almost anything live was to watch it online, and even though I have a state of the art desktop, laptop and phone and an Internet connection as robust as can be found in any home in the state of Oklahoma, I could never so much as access one minute of live content.
  2. I didn’t see one medal ceremony, not for America and not for any other country. The medal ceremony is what separates the Olympics from every other international sporting event, and NBC wouldn’t show one. Not on NBC, NBCSN, CNBC or USA. That’s how ingrained this fear of the national anthem, the flag and any sense of patriotism or jingoism has become.
  3. NBC cannot be held responsible for the awful weather - high winds and arctic subzero temperatures made the best events unsafe for long periods. When most people think of Winter Olympics, they think of Skiing and Skating - Figure and Speed Skating obviously weren’t affected by wind or cold, but it wreaked havoc on the most compelling winter events - Downhill, Super G and Slalom.
  4. There is a saying, unsure if true, that of a 3+ hour NFL game, there is actually about 12 minutes of action, much of the reason why people raised on soccer and its continuous action cannot endure almost any American football game. In each hour of NBC’s primetime coverage of these Olympics, I’m betting there wasn’t an average of more than 5 minutes of action. The broadcast was just too jammed with filler - profiles, commentary, replays of events already seen multiple times,
  5. NBC paid approximately $12 billion for a series of Olympic games, about $1bn per. Why do you pay that much money for something and then focus so heavily on Adam Rippon, the wonderful figure skater who started out the Olympics by bashing the Vice President of the United States based on a hoax, then refuse to meet with the man after he graciously wished him nothing but good? NBC went so far as to offer Rippon a commentary gig for the end of the Games, something Rippon curiously turned down. We used to have a tradition in this country of politics ending ‘at the water’s edge’ - ask the Dixie Chicks what can happen when you bash your countrymen on foreign soil. NBC played this up relentlessly and Rippon did himself no favors - he’s a wonderful talent but will only be remembered, if at all, as a petty, spiteful shithead. Get woke go broke.

The fact that the American team fared so poorly is beside the point. Other than people who watch the Games exclusively for Figure Skating (it’s not a small number, mind you), most people who enjoy the Olympics enjoy them for the sake of the Games themselves; there are only two or three names on the US Team you’d heard before the Games even started, and other than Lindsay Vonn and Shaun White, I doubt there are any you will remember a month from now. Norway had a sensational run this year - they bested the American record with 39 total medals, including 14 gold. For our part, the American side finished fourth in the count with 23, which remains incredible to me considering that we’re not a nation obsessed with winter sports like Norway, Canada or even the Netherlands, who finished fifth (Germany finished second, but they’re as much of a soccer nation as a winter sport nation).

As with the NFL, media apologists insist that these, the lowest-rated Games in ages, are victims of the times, that the millennials and their gadgets and vidya games don’t watch TV which hurts sports ratings.


NBC did a terrible job presenting these Games, and one hour of primetime tape should be presented to all future Olympic producers as a case study in what not to do.


Although many congratulations are to be handed out, a special one goes to the USA Men’s Curling Team, which won it’s first Gold medal - huzzah!

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we watched snowboarding and that was it. US team from shaun to red to chloe were amazing. but that means we watched about 2 hrs total of the entire Olympics.
2018-02-26, skc

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