Happy Birthday Diego Maradona and a happy Devil's Night to you

Diego Maradona turns 57 today. Maradona and Barry Sanders are my two favorite team sports guys of all time - both men were the human version of Arthur C. Clarke's notion that any technology sufficiently advanced will appear to be magic. Maradona had what was likely the most memorable World Cup in history in 1986, scoring both the Goal of the Century (below) and the so-called "hand of God" goal against England in the semis, ultimately leading Argentina to the title. While Sanders was notoriously clean living, Maradona was a party hound, and the fact he could do what he did while often hungover and with a regular drug habit is a testament to his otherworldly ability. People who know much more about soccer than me debate whether he is the GOAT, but I do know he is my favorite:

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