Bret Easton Ellis on 'Call Me By Your Name'

This is a doozy of a review by Ellis over at Out Magazine - it's interesting enough and accessible enough to get a link at Drudge Report - and as a fan of gay cinema, I'm looking forward to seeing Name:

Because the constraints of society don’t exist within the film’s cinematic world it frees the movie from a certain kind of ideology, and Call Me By Your Name can easily be heralded as a post-gay movie because it’s not about the closet or AIDS or bullying or politics or being a victim. There’s no one to hide from, no punishment, no suffering (except, of course, the timeless kind)—its only ideology is about art and aesthetics, and this makes it a big progressive leap forward in gay cinema’s depiction of desire. (We are a long way from the mournful Brokeback Mountain shrouded in guilt and shame and death.) No other movie before Call Me By Your Name has dealt with this on as large a scale and in such a calm, neutral and sophisticated manner.
Creede Kurtz

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such a bee drought of late. glad to see this review. also want to see the movie mainly because of hammer - did read and enjoy the THR piece on him. i heard the book the movie is based on is also good.
2017-12-19, skc

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