The Post (2018 trailer)

Merry Christmas to you and yours! I might be a materialist pessimistic nihilist, but the older I get the more I enjoy Christmas they way I did when as a child.


So, here's the trailer for The Post, what I'm guessing will be the least-successful film of Steven Spielberg's prolific, prodigious career. I don't even know liberals who like Meryl Streep, and half the country hates her and her vain, pompous lecturing, especially from an aged harpy who has the audacity to claim that she knew nothing of Harvey Weinstein's bullying and womanizing, to say nothing of her standing up and cheering for the auteur child-rapist Roman Polanski.

The media in the USA 2017 is evil, pure and simple. I'd rather hear what Igor the Parrot thinks about current events than the gas-bagging blowhards at the Times, the Post, etc. So, listening to Tom Hanks and Street play-act self-righteous while lecturing the rest of us? Zero interest. I hope this trash heap bombs and Spielberg can finally do what God intended him to, and that is save the Disneyfied dumpster fire that is the Star Wars franchise. If Quentin Tarantion can direct a Star Trek film, then we deserve a Spielberg Star Wars blowout.

So, without further ado, the trailer for The Post:

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