Satantango coming to America and BluRay?

This is my great white whale of film. Satantango is Bela Tarr's 7-hour masterpiece (ranked 32 on the Sight and Sound list) that is currently impossible to legally see in the United States. Per this report, it looks like it's currently being remastered for a limited release in 2019 before being released on BluRay, which is awesome - I will spare no expense to see this in the theater, all 7 hours:

Unlike most filmmakers who retire, Béla Tarr has actually stuck to this word. 2011’s “The Turin Horse” was indeed the Hungarian luminary’s final work, and a fitting swan song for a decades-long career that spawned several masterworks. At the top of that list is “Sátántangó,” Tarr’s 432-minute opus, which remains difficult to see 24 years after it was first released and has never been released on Blu-ray.Until now, that is: Arbelos Films is working on a 4K restoration of the film, which will be re-released in theaters early next year with a Blu-ray/VOD release to follow. A boutique film distributor and digital restoration company, the Los Angeles–based Arbelos is also working on a 4K update of Dennis Hopper’s “The Last Movie.”

The film is composed of 150 shots, some as long as 10 minutes, and focuses on a dozen or so nonlinear vignettes regarding people wanting to leave a Hungarian village until a man thought dead returns. Or so I'm told because, obviously, I've not seen it.

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