Isle of Dogs (trailer USA 2017)

I'm really hit and miss with Wes Anderson, yet I love what he does and how he does it. His style is often compared to Stanley Kubrick's, especially in terms of shot composition, but he reminds me a great deal of 1980s and earely 1990s Peter Greenaway, and as he ages and matures, he continues to carve out his own niche.

Isle of Dogs does not look remotely interesting to me beyond the novelty of what it looks like - I don't like most films aimed at children, and this will likely be no different, but much like Arnofsky's mother! which is making such noise the last couple of weeks, it's nice to see something from an American director who is at least trying different things. Enjoy:

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This is gonna be awesome. As you said, the boys will love it (and me too :).
2017-10-11, skc

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