Good Time (2017 USA)

I’m probably one of the few who has wondered what Telly and Casper from 1995’s Kids would have turned into, and in the Safdie Brothers comically overrated film Good Time, we have our answer. The brothers use the same shooting style as Larry Clark did more than two decades ago, and we are again, confronted with the kind of amoral white trash that seems to overpopulated New York and Boston when the director wants to be gritty.

Kids might be exploitation, but it’s also an excellent film. Good Time is highly entertaining, but it’s not a particularly good movie - we spend 24 hours with the same brand of dipshits that Kids (from Harmony Korine’s) screenplay created, only this time they’re in their early 30s (or seem to be - Connie, played by Robert Pattison in the best work I’ve seen him do), and while Kids was at heart about an HIV-test the way this Good Time is about a heist, Good Time is basically a fan fiction of Kids.

One of its problems is its characters are not likable. We can understand Connie’s single-minded determination to get his mildly retarded brother out of jail after a bank heist, but as I said earlier, Amoral White Trash. The one redeeming character in the film gets screwed over wholesale by Connie.

A lot of people in their late teens and 20s seem to think Good Time is the best film a year - I see it discussed a great deal on film boards in the way that people in their 20s in 1995 discussed Pulp Fiction, and there is no doubt a generational yawn into whether or not one will appreciate the film beyond sheer entertainment value.

Aside from Kids and After Hours, the film is a direct line from Dog Day Afternoon, Pattison’s character as desperately compelling as Al Pacino’s before, but sadly there is no ATTICA ATTICA moment, just a desperate man losing control of a series of unfortunate events.

There is a painful funny sequence involving a security guard at an amusement park, and for that alone I can safely say you won’t be wasting your time with this.

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