'Reputation' tour will fail

Taylor Swift's upcoming tour in support of her new album 'Reputation' is having a hard time selling tickets - first, a story from the New York Post:

On top of high prices, some prospective buyers are getting irked by Ticketmaster’s “Verified Fan” program, which required participants to register weeks before tickets went on presale, proving they were bona fide fans and not bots looking to buy tickets for scalpers.Ticketmaster, which has used Verified Fan for U2 concerts, “Hamilton,” “Springsteen on Broadway” and other big shows, told The Post the program tries to “provide fans with the most reliable access to tickets and combat bad actors that use bots that subvert that process.”But Verified Fan — which got rebranded to “Taylor Swift Tix” for the tour — has added a controversial feature called “boosts” that promises fans a chance to “improve [their] position in line to purchase tickets.”Some boosts were innocuous, such as joining Swift’s official mailing list. But others cost money, such as pre-ordering the “Reputation” album, shelling out $50 for a T-shirt or purchasing the $60 snake ring that Swift wore in her “Look What You Made Me Do” music video.

I bought more than $100 worth of merchandise to boost my place in line because I wanted front row seats, and like the other chumps who did this, I was greeted on day 1 of ticket sales by front section prices at the Dallas show going for $1500 apiece! The stage setup has two pits on either side of a runway where the "seats" are Standing Room Only - those tickets were $750.

It's obscene. I don't like the Reputation album and I'm not paying that kind of price for anything. I was prepared to pay a few hundred bucks a ticket, but no way in hell was I going to drop thousands.

Swift overplayed her hand, and greed got in the way of common sense. Most fans who could afford those prices wouldn't be stupid enough to pay them, leaving her younger fans stuck in overpriced seats in nosebleed sections of a freaking stadium tour.

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